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The XE8000 series is a low-power microcontroller family from XEMICS (now a business unit of Semtech). Advanced analog features are combined with a proprietary RISC CPU named CoolRISC on all XE8000 devices. The CPU has 8-bits data bus and 22 bits instruction bus. All instructions (including 8*8 bit multiplication) are executed in 1 clock cycle. The analog features include the ZoomingADC a new type of SD ADC that includes capabilities to amplify and offset the input signal during the acquisition.

UART, timers, RAM, MTP-ROM ("flash" program memory), watchdog timer, ADC, DAC, RC and XTAL oscillators, interrupts, I/O, drivers for seven segment displays and RF interface are possible on-chip features.

XE8000 devices[edit]

For sensor interfacing:

  • XE88LC01A
  • XE88LC02 (with display drivers)
  • XE88LC05A (with DAC)

For RF interfacing:

  • XE88LC06A
  • XE88LC07A

Typical target applications[edit]

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