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XLNT is a scripting language for Windows platforms based on the DCL language for VAX-VMS machines. Its proprietary implementation has been maintained by its originator, Advanced Systems Concepts, Inc., since 1997. The implementation contains the XLNT executable, a Windows Scripting Host engine, and an integrated development environment.[1] It can also be used in CGI mode. It is one of the handful of Windows-VMS emulation and interoperability tools, the others being PC-DCL and Accelr8 DCL Lite, both console mode interpreters which can run in an automated (scripting) mode.[2] An older programme of this type, VCL, is used for VMS functionality under MS-DOS, PC DOS, OS/2, and Unix variants.[2] VCL can be run under later Windows versions which provide for 16 bit DOS programmes to be run, e.g. Windows NT via its Win16/DOS environmental subsystem or the program compatibility option in Windows XP et seq.


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