XORKO Collaborative Arts Movement

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XORKO Collaborative Arts Movement
Xorko logo.jpg
Founded November 15, 2011
Founder Evagoras Bekiaris and Nico Stephou
Location Cyprus
Official website Xorko.com (link dead)

XORKO Collaborative Arts Movement was a cultural and artists' movement based in Cyprus that began on November 15, 2011, originally by Evagoras Bekiaris and Nico Stephou.[1] XORKO in Cypriot Greek translates to village. The word was used metaphorically as a way to promote the idea of an environment similar to one that can be found in a village; and hence to create a sense of belonging between the members of the movement.[2] Artistic liberation being a main aim of XORKO,[1] was seen by the movement as only possible within a framework that could facilitate a roof for Cypriot artists to collaborate in a "Do It Together" context, where XORKO acts as a platform/roof enabling all members to expand themselves in the context of art collaborations and not limit their art to just their personal forms of expression.[3] XORKO promoted the notions of non-profiting and no sponsoring, opposing the "industrialization of music" implemented by multinational record labels and other companies that promote the commodification of art.[1][4]

XORKO produced compilations with various music artists through this collaboration process, which it uploaded and distributed through SoundCloud.[1][5] While XORKO had held various art events since its formation, it received wider coverage after holding two non-profit art festivals at Arminou village on July 2012 and August 2013, ran by volunteers.[2][6]


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