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Paradigmmulti-paradigm: object-oriented, functional, Imperative, event-driven programming
Designed byGustaf Neumann and Uwe Zdun
First appeared2000[1]
Stable release
1.6.8 / 29 April 2014; 8 years ago (2014-04-29)
Typing disciplinedynamic typing, everything can be treated as a string
Influenced by
Tcl, OTcl

XOTcl is an object-oriented extension for the Tool Command Language created by Gustaf Neumann and Uwe Zdun. It is a derivative of MIT OTcl. XOTcl is based on a dynamic object system with metaclasses which as influenced by CLOS. Class and method definitions are completely dynamic. XOTcl provides language support for design patterns via filters and decorator mixins.

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