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Xelerated, Inc.
Industry Semiconductor
Fate Acquired by Marvell Technology Group
Founded 2000
Headquarters Stockholm, Sweden
Products X10, X11, HX310, HX320, HX330
Website www.xelerated.com

Xelerated Inc., founded in 2000, was a fabless semiconductor company specializing in ASSP-based Carrier Ethernet chipsets. Xelerated carried a line of programmable Network Processing Units (NPUs) and Ethernet network switches for the Metro Ethernet, access network and high-end enterprise markets.


100G network-processor

Xelerated’s design relies upon a patented dataflow architecture. Like an ASIC, it is optimized in relation to the flow of packets instead of the flow of instructions through a RISC core. As a result, processing speed is predictable rather than variable.[1] Because Xelerated’s NPUs and Ethernet switches were programmable, carriers could reprogram them to adapt to new standards as they develop.[2]

The company had offices in Santa Clara, California, Stockholm, Tel Aviv and Beijing.

In January 2012, Xelerated was acquired by Marvell Technology Group for an undisclosed sum.[3][4]

In May 2015, the staff was informed about pending layoffs. In December 2015, office property from the Stockholm office was auctioned off.[5]


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