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Xenokleides was an Athenian poet of the 4th century BC. None of his works have survived. He was one of the hetaera Neaira's lovers.[1] According to Apollodorus of Acharnae, 369 BC, he spoke out against Callistratus's request to support Sparta over Thebes.[2] He was prosecuted for avoiding military service, though as a tax-collector for the year he was exempt from military duties, convicted, and disenfranchised (Ancient Greek: ἀτιμία, atimia). This prosecution, brought by one Stephanos on behalf of Callistratus, was probably intended to remove Xenokleides as a political opponent.[3] In 343, Xenokleides was living in Macedonia, and was banished by Philip II;[4] he appears to have been once again living in Athens by the time the speech Against Neaira was delivered.[5]


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