Xerula radicata

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Xerula radicata
Scientific classification
X. radicata
Binomial name
Xerula radicata
(Relhan) Dörfelt

Oudemansiella radicata

Xerula radicata
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Mycological characteristics
gills on hymenium
cap is flat or umbonate
stipe is bare
spore print is white
ecology is saprotrophic
edibility: edible

Xerula radicata, commonly known as the deep root mushroom or the rooting shank, is a widespread Agaric readily identified by its deeply rooted stalk (stipe). It is synonymous with Oudemansiella radicata.


The cap is medium to large, flat, grayish or yellowish brown and streaked, with a central hump and has a size of between 5-12.5 cm. The surface of the cap is sticky or slimy when moist, with the underside displaying wide white gills, or Lamella. The brittle stalk tapers at both ends and is nearly white above to brown below the soil.[1]

The stem grows into a long deeply rooting tap root until it touches a piece of wood. This may grow up to 20 cm in length in some specimens.[2]

Similar species[edit]

Similar to Oudemansiella longipes.


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