Xiang Shengmo

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Xiang Shengmo (simplified Chinese: 项圣谟; traditional Chinese: 項聖謨; pinyin: Xiàng Shèngmó; Wade–Giles: Hsiang Sheng-mo); 1597–1658) was a noted Chinese painter in the Ming Dynasty. He was a native of Xiushui (now Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province.

His courtesy name was Kongzhang (孔彰) and his art names were Yi'an (易庵), and Xushan Qiao (胥山樵).[1] He was the grandson of the great painting-collector Xiang Yuanbian (項元汴). Xiang's painting followed the style of Wen Zhengming. Xiang specialized in landscapes and flowers with an elegant taste.


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