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Xurxo Borrazás Fariña, born in Carballo in 1963, is a Galician writer and translator.

He earned a degree in English philology from the Universidade de Santiago de Compostela. At this time, he began to write poetry, and then continued writing narrative fiction. He has translated Tropic of Cancer by Henry Miller (for Galaxia) and The Sound and the Fury by William Faulker into Galician. His fiction has been defined as experimental and transgressive. Some of his novels have been translated into Spanish, Russian and Portuguese. Several stories have appeared in English in the anthology From the Beginning of the Sea published in Oxford by Foreign Demand. He has lectured at Spanish and British universities and writes articles on the fields of culture and politics for Galician press.


  • Cabeza de chorlito, 1991 (novel)
  • Criminal, 1994 (novel, English translation: Vicious 2015)
  • Eu é, 1996 (novel)
  • Contos malvados, 1998 (stories)
  • O desintegrista, 1999 (miscellany)
  • Na maleta, 2000 (novel)
  • Pensamentos Impuros, 2002 (miscellany)
  • Ser ou non, 2004 (novel)
  • Arte e parte, 2007 (essays)
  • Costa norte/ZFK, 2008 (novel)
  • Covalladas, 2010 (vertical prose)



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