Xylotrupes gideon

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Xylotrupes gideon
Xylotrupes gideon m.jpg
Xylotrupes gideon, male
Scientific classification
X. gideon
Binomial name
Xylotrupes gideon
(Linnaeus, 1767)
  • Scarabaeus gideon Linnaeus, 1767

The brown rhinoceros beetle, Xylotrupes gideon is a brilliant species of large scarab beetle belonging to the subfamily Dynastinae. They are commonly used in beetle fights in Asia, where large sums of money are betted on their outcome.


  • Xylotrupes gideon borneensis Minck, 1920
  • Xylotrupes gideon gideon (Linnaeus, 1767)
  • Xylotrupes gideon lakorensis Silvestre, 2002
  • Xylotrupes gideon sawuensis Silvestre, 2002
  • Xylotrupes gideon sondaicus Silvestre, 2002



This species is widespread in Indonesia: Java (nomotypical form), Borneo (borneensis), Sunda Islands and Moluccas.


Xylotrupes gideon, male and females. Museum specimen

Xylotrupes gideon can reach a length of 3.5–7 centimetres (1.4–2.8 in).[3] As usual with rhinoceros beetles there is a great difference between the genders. Males are larger than females. They have two chitinous bifurcated horns, a thick thoracic horn and a smaller cephalic horn, which they use to eliminate their rivals during the mating period.[3] These beetles are shiny dark red, dark brown, or black in coloration. The eyes are located on each side of the head. When disturbed these beetles make a hissing noise, produced by rubbing the tip of the abdomen against the edge the elytra.[4]

The larvae develop in decaying vegetable matter and take usually two years in development, the adult beetles live 2–4 months. A female can lay about 20-30 eggs but it depends on the place where they lived .[5] 2-

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