Yên Thành District

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Yên Thành District
Huyện Yên Thành
Rural district
Country  Vietnam
Region North Central Coast
Province Nghệ An
Capital Yên Thành
 • Total 212.3179 sq mi (549.9008 km2)
Population (2008)
 • Total 275,165
 • Density 1,270/sq mi (489/km2)
Time zone Indochina Time (UTC+07:00)
Website http://nguoiyenthanh.com

Yên Thành is a rural district of Nghệ An Province, in the North Central Coast region of Vietnam. As of 2008, the district had a population of 275,165.[1] The district covers an area of 549 km². The district capital lies at Yên Thành.[1]


Yên Thành is a land midland half mountain, half plain. Northern border districts of Tân Kỳ, Quỳnh Lưu, Diễn Châu; east Diễn Châu District; southeast district bordering Nghi Lộc, south district Đô Lương, the west district of Tân Kỳ.

The administrative unit[edit]

Yên Thành district has 39 administrative units, including Yên Thành commune:

  • Bao Thanh
  • Bac Thanh
  • Cong Thanh
  • Do Thanh
  • Dong Thanh
  • Duc Thanh
  • Hong Thanh
  • Hau Thanh
  • Hung Thanh
  • Hop Thanh
  • Hoa Thanh
  • Khánh Thanh
  • Lang Thanh
  • Long Thanh
  • Lien Thanh
  • Ly Thanh
  • Minh Thanh
  • My Thanh
  • Nam Thanh
  • Nhan Thanh
  • Phuc Thanh
  • Phu Thanh
  • Quang Thanh
  • Son Thanh
  • Tang Thanh
  • Tan Thanh
  • Tho Thanh
  • Thinh Thanh
  • Trung Thanh
  • Van Thanh
  • Vien Thanh
  • Vinh Thanh
  • Xuan Thanh
  • Dai Thanh
  • Tay Thanh
  • Kim Thanh
  • Ma Thanh
  • Tien Thanh


Highway 7A : 18 km from Vinh Thanh My Thanh commune to Provincial Road 534 (Highway 7A connected to National Highway 1A ): 14 km from the town of Yen Thanh Son Thanh Provincial Road 538 (Highway 7A connected with National Highway 1A): 15 km from commune to commune Hop Thanh Cong Thanh


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Coordinates: 19°00′00″N 105°25′01″E / 19.000°N 105.417°E / 19.000; 105.417