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YT, Yt or yt may refer to:

  • yt, slang for white
  • YT, short for "Yours truly", a valediction
  • Yt, the pre-1930s symbol for the chemical element yttrium
  • Y.T., a character in the novel Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson
  • Yousei Teikoku, a Japanese metal band
  • YouTube, an internet video sharing service
  • Yottatesla, an SI unit of magnetic flux density
  • YT – the ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 code for the island Mayotte
    • .yt, the Internet top-level domain for Mayotte
  • YT, the IATA airline designator for Air Togo
  • Yukon Territory, in Canada
  • YT (yard tug), a United States World War II type V ship designation
  • Jia Yueting (English nickname "YT", born 1973), Chinese entrepreneur