Yaacov Bleiman

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Yaacov Bleiman
Country Israel
Born September 8, 1947
Vilnus, Lithuania
Died June 15, 2004
Haifa, Israel
Title International Master
FIDE rating 2405 (October 2001)
Peak rating 2521 (December 1979)
Peak ranking No. 131

Yaacov (Yacov) Bleiman (Hebrew: יעקב בליימן‎; September 8, 1947, Vilnius[1] – June, 2004[2]) was a Lithuanian–Israeli chess master.

Bleiman spent a decade designing a smart bomb that was procured by the Israeli Air Force for its F-16 fighter jets in 2003.[2]


In 1965, Bleiman played in World Junior Championship in Barcelona (Bojan Kurajica won). In 1971, he tied for 7-8th in Netanya (Lubomir Kavalek and Bruno Parma won).[3] In 1976, he tied for 3-4th in Netanya (Avraham Kaldor and Itchak Radashkovich won).[4]

He played for Israel in three Chess Olympiads.[5]

  • In 1970, at second reserve board in 19th Olympiad in Siegen (+4 –0 =5);
  • In 1974, at first reserve board in 21st Olympiad in Nice (+6 –1 =8);
  • In 1978, at fourth board in 23rd Olympiad in Buenos Aires (+3 –1 =3).

He also represented Israel in the 7th European Team Chess Championship at Skara 1980.[5]

Bleiman was awarded the International Master (IM) title in 1971.[1]


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