Yadana Dewi of Toungoo

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Yadana Dewi
ရတနာ ဒေဝီ
Queen of the Central Palace of Toungoo
Reign 1510s – 1530
Predecessor new office
Successor Yaza Dewi
Born 1490s
Mong Pai (Mobye)
Spouse Mingyi Nyo
Issue Thakin Gyi
House Toungoo
Father Saopha of Mong Pai
Mother Maha Dewi of Mong Pai
Religion Theravada Buddhism

Yadana Dewi (Burmese: ရတနာ ဒေဝီ, pronounced [jədənà dèwì]) was one of the five principal queens of King Mingyi Nyo of Toungoo Dynasty and the mother of Atula Thiri Maha Yaza Dewi, the chief queen of King Bayinnaung. The third ranked queen of the five queens was a daughter of the saopha (chief) of Mong Pai (Mobye). Her birth name was Khin Nwe (ခင်နွယ်) according to standard chronicles, or Khin Hnin Nwe (ခင်နှင်းနွယ်), according to the Toungoo Yazawin chronicle.[1]


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Yadana Dewi of Toungoo
Royal titles
New title Queen of the Central Palace of Toungoo
1510s – 1530
Succeeded by
Yaza Dewi