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The FT-1000MP is an amateur radio ("ham") transceiver series, built by Yaesu. It is an "all-mode" set, operating in the High Frequency (HF) frequency range. The "MP" suffix in the name was an homage to Sako Hasegawa, the late founder of the company whose callsign was JA1MP, and who heavily influenced the design and feature set built into this radio.

The FT-1000MP was Yaesu's flagship radio at the time of its introduction (1995), being both the most feature-rich and the most expensive radio that Yaesu had offered to the amateur radio community. It was manufactured for approximately 10 years in several models, including the original, the Mark-V, and Mark-V Field.

Its features include Digital Signal Processing, dual receivers, up to 200 Watts of output power (in some models) and dual AC and 12VDC power (again, in some models). Other advanced features include switchable Class 'A' to improve linearity of the output signal, FM capability and being designed to allow operators to install special filter circuits for improved operation in various modes. At the same time, the radio was designed to be simple enough that newly-licensed operators would be able to rapidly become expert in its use. For instance, switching between the various operating bands is done by pressing a single push button on the front panel. Numerous frequencies can be stored in the radio's memory for rapid return to them, and selecting between the two variable-frequency oscillators allows one frequency to be kept handy while the other VFO is used to chase signals from other stations. This can be especially useful during emergency operations or in contests such as 'Field Day."

The FT-1000MP series radios can be controlled by Yaesu's Computer Aided Transceiver system, through an optional cable, connected between the radio and a computer.

The radio itself is fairly massive, even by the standards of the 1990s. However, the 5.3" x 16" (135mm x 410mm) face allows for the many controls and indicators which make this radio easy and comfortable to use. The FT-1000MP Mk V Field model has a handle installed on the right side, and feet on the left, so that it can be carried similar to an item of luggage.

Although discontinued over a decade ago, it remains a favorite among radio amateurs, and pricing on the used market has stayed high as a result -- not common in amateur radio, as new "flagship"-level equipment tends to be rapidly overtaken by newer technology. While buyers of multi-thousand-dollar radios for hobby use tend to keep up with the times, many MPs are still in their original owners' hands. Sales of MP-specific accessories also continue to be strong.

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