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Yali Dream Creations
FounderAsvin Srivatsangam (2012)
Country of originUnited States
Key peopleAsvin Srivatsangam, CEO
Shamik Dasgupta, Chief Creative Office
Publication typesComics
Official websitewww.yalidreamcreations.com

Yali Dream Creations. LLC, commonly referred to as YDC, is a comics company focussed on creating original stories to engage global audiences using comics and graphic novels. Yali Dream Creations brings original and imaginative stories with an admixture of horror and fantasy; mind bending sci-fi and mythology.

The company was founded in 2012 by Asvin Srivatsangam. Yali Dream Creations published its first graphic novel in 2013, written by Shamik Dasgupta.

The name 'YALI' (யாளி) was inspired from Hindu Mythology. Yali ([jaːɭi]; also known as Vyala or Vidala in Sanskrit) is a mythical creature seen in many Hindu temples, often sculpted onto the pillars. It may be portrayed as part lion, part elephant and part horse, and in similar shapes. Also, it has been sometimes described as a leogryph (part lion and part griffin),[1] with some bird-like features.

Yali is a motif in Indian art and it has been widely used in south Indian sculpture.[2] Descriptions of and references to yalis are very old, but they became prominent in south Indian sculpture in the 16th century. Yalis are believed to be more powerful than the lion/tiger or the elephant.

Publication history[edit]

In July 2012, an Indo-American IT professional named Asvin Srivatsangam founded a comic book company with the name Yali Dream Creations. Asvin Srivatsangam met with Comic Writer Shamik Dasgupta through one of the popular social media. They hatched a plan to create a graphic novel. The resultant effort was The Caravan, an original graphic novel. This graphic novel was launched at Bangalore Comic Con 2013, India.

The Caravan: Blood War Issue 3, pencilled and inked by Vivek Goel, and colored by Pradeep Sherawat

The Summer of 2012[edit]

The Caravan, an 80 paged graphic novel was launched in July 2013. The story was scripted by Shamik Dasgupta, and pencils and inks were by Bikash Satpathy, and colors by Vishwanath Manokaran. The Caravan is a classic horror-action-adventure in the trend of ‘from dusk till dawn’ and ’30 days of night’ copiously coated with spicy Bollywood masala. The graphic novel is rumored to be bought for motion film adaptation.


The caravan is a classic horror /action / adventure in the trend of ‘from dusk till dawn’ and ’30 days of night’ copiously coated with spicy Bollywood masala that will make you smack your lips with the taste of bloody curry! written and scripted by Shamik Dasgupta, this OGN is over 80 pages in length. For ages a coven of vampires travel the deserts of Rajasthan under the guise of a caravan of nautanki or a gypsy circus. They lure the unsuspecting villagers to invite them to perform and through the course of the night feed on every living soul. Their heinous deeds go undetected for years, possibly even centuries until a boy named Asif survives their attack. Years later the boy grows up to be a smuggler across the border and on afateful day he gets arrested. Jai, the custodian cop and Asif get stranded in the desert and find shelter in a fort run by border security force and their volatile and violent officer in charge, Daroga Bhairo Singh. As night creeps forth, the caravan of vampires appear once again on the horizon. Asif becomes terrified and tries to warn them but no one believes him. Instead, mesmerized by the glamour of the nautanki, they make the fatal mistake of inviting them to the fort. What follows is a night drenched in blood as the vampires begin their massacre. Asif has escaped the caravan once, but can he pull off that impossible trick again?

The Spring of 2014[edit]

Yali Dream Creations made graphic novel adaption of Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay's Devi Chaudhurani as a graphic novel. Volume 1 of Devi Chaudhurani was launched at Calcutta Book Fair 2014. The team that were involved was Shamik Dasgupta, Bikash Satpathy and Vishwanath Manokaran.


Prafulla is a young girl whose destiny seems to have only bad news for her. On the day of her wedding, her father and father-in-law have an ugly spat. Angered, the father-in-law shuns her, and this leaves her father heartbroken that his daughter is left without a husband. His hands tied by Hindu society’s edict against divorce and remarriage, Prafulla’s father dies, leaving his family without any money. Prafulla’s mother soon follows after him, and she is taken under the care of her seemingly friendly neighbours. However, the neighbours plan to sell Prafulla into a life of prostitution. She flees the house, hoping to find her in-laws’ house, with only the knowledge of the father-in-law’s name and the name of the village. Despite finding the house and being taken in at first, she is sent out by her father-in-law. She runs into Bhabani Pathak, a notorious bandit. The man takes her in and begins to teach her about the world around them. They live during the height of British power, and he shows her the atrocities of the British Raj. For five years, Prafulla changes, learning the ways of the bandit. After five years, a new bandit and revolutionary begins fighting against the British, one that sends shivers down the spines of those who hear her name. Prafulla was no longer the naïve girl looking for someone to protect her. She had become Devi Chaudhurani, the right hand advisor of Bhabani Phatak.

The Fall of 2014[edit]

Yali Dream Creations was involved in its first comic book series. The company launched a prequel to The Caravan with The Caravan: Blood war. The first issue was launched in Bangalore Comic Con 2014.


Blood War takes place in the notorious badlands of Chambal in the 1970s. The entire region is plagued by the reign of terror of the ‘Darinday’, a band of unstoppable dacoits ruthlessly mowing down every village and forcing their will on them.

The Spring of 2015[edit]

The Caravan: Blood war Issue 3 was launched


Her village destroyed, her father murdered and her honor ravaged, the princess of Devgarh swears vengeance over Bheriya Khan and the Darindeys. But how can she put up a lonesome fight against such a brute force?

The Spring of 2015[edit]

The Caravan: Blood war Issue 3 was launched


Avinash discovers the lair of Bheriya Khan and the Darindeys, and finds out the monstrous atrocities they commit on the women of Devgarh whom they have taken as captives. Madhurakshi feeds Bhairavi and her caravan the entire population of Devgrah.

The Summer of 2015[edit]

Yali Dream Creations published its first Hindi graphic novel. The Caravan, YDC's original first graphic novel was translated into Hindi and published.

The Winter of 2015[edit]

The Caravan: Blood war Issue 4 and finale was launched in Delhi Comic Con 2015. Asvin Srivatsangam and Shamik Dasgupta met with superstar writer & artist Ty Templeton. They also met with Valiant Comics' CEO Dinesh Shamdasani.


The March to Caravan: Blood War Finale begins here. Releasing in Delhi Comicon 4-6th Dec 2015. Be there to witness the bloody end to the epic feud between Pisaach and Rakshas (Vampire vs Werewolves). Who will survive the final night in this war?

Yali Dream Creations' Next[edit]

For 2016 Yali Dream Creations will be launching the multiple series - Rakshak, Naari and Warpath of the Kings.

Rakshak has already been officially published on July 26, 2016 and is enjoying widespread praise and readership among comic book fans. It is a story of retired Captain Aditya Shegill, who returns home in Delhi after his final mission in Kashmir which leaves him physically challenged. He finds security and solace in company of his sister Trisha, her American husband Ronald and their teenage daughter Saina. However a horrible incident shatters his peaceful civil life. Aditya breaks down due to the tragedy only to gather himself up and retaliate. He takes up the responsibility; to become a protector, a Rakshak for the weak, downtrodden and innocent.



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