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Yalla, with variants Yallah and Yala, is a common expression denoting "come on", "let's get going", and mostly meaning "hurry up" in the Arabic language. It comes from and is an abbreviation of the classical (traditional) Arabic phrase "Ya Allah" (in Arabic يا ألله) literally meaning "O God". The word yalla has a distinct meaning from Ya Allah, and the two are not to be confused as "Ya Allah" is a common expression for calling upon God in the Arabic language. It has also been adopted by the Persian language.

Yalla or Ya Allah may refer to


  • Yalla-y-Poora, a town in Shire of Ararat, Australia
  • "Yalla-y-Poora", a painting by Eugene von Guerard, now in the Joseph Brown Collection on display at the National Gallery of Victoria

Arts and entertainment[edit]

  • www.yallaart.com - is an online global marketplace for arts and designed products created by Palestinian artists.
  • Yalla (band), a folk band from Uzbekistan
  • Yalla (journal), a Montreal-based Canadian project between young Arabs and Jews for encouraging creative expression
  • Yalla (album), third solo album by UK musician Thomas White



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