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Industry Local Internet Websites
Founded June 2006
Headquarters Wiesbaden, Germany
Products Yalwa Business Directory, Locanto Classifieds Site, askalo Local Q&A
Website www.yalwa.info

Yalwa is a worldwide business directory in which companies can list their business and advertise within their local neighborhood. The Yalwa Business Directory is available in over 50 countries worldwide, covering 5 major languages.[1]


At the Yalwa business directory, small business owners can list their company. Yalwa offers more than a thousand different categories to specify exactly what kind of products or services the listed businesses offer.[2]


The Yalwa business directory is operated by the German startup company Yalwa located in Wiesbaden, Germany. Yalwa was launched in June 2007 with 12 English speaking countries. Within the following year, Yalwa was launched in 16 further countries, covering the languages Spanish, German, Dutch, and French. With the launch of 10 additional countries in December 2009, Yalwa was made available in 38 countries worldwide and in 5 languages.[3] By 2014, Yalwa had expanded into over 50 countries world wide.[4]

Klaus P. Gapp, CEO and founder of the German start-up company Yalwa, previously founded and operated OpusForum.org, a local classifieds site for the German-speaking market. OpusForum.org was bought by Ebay in 2005 and merged with its classifieds site Kijiji one year later.[5]

The major competitor for Yalwa are the Yellow Pages.


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