Yamaha FX-1

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Yamaha FX-1 is a stand-up watercraft built in very limited numbers in 1994 & 1995. Around 1500 were made. It carried the same 701cc 61x single carb engine as the Super Jet and had a lighter and narrower hull.

Similar in size to those in the mid 1970s.

Factory specifications on the 1994 FX-1 vs Super Jet[edit]

(Taken from the 1994 Yamaha water craft catalog.)

  • 88.2 vs 83.9" length
  • 26.8 vs 24.8" width
  • 26.0 vs 26.6" height
  • 290 vs 267 lbs weight

144mm pump vs. 122mm pump

FX-1 and 1994-1995 Super Jet had identical 701cc carburetor engines with 63 hp.