Yamaha TY80

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The Yamaha TY80 was a trials-styled motorcycle produced by Yamaha Motor Company from 1974-1984. When new it was capable of around or 40 mph. It was part of a range that included the TY50P, TY50M, TY125, TY175 and TY250. It uses a gear configuration of neutral in the lowest position, and then the ascending gears going upwards from there; as opposed to most modern motorcycles which feature 1st gear in the lowest position, neutral up 1 half-click and then the ascending gears going upwards.


  • Capacity: 72cc
  • Type: Trials
  • Manufacturer: Yamaha
  • Engine: two-stroke
  • Made: 1974-1984
  • Gear change: four-speed, foot change manual
  • Tyres: Back: 3x14in Front: 2.5x16in