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Yambo Records
Yambo side1 1.jpg
FounderWillie Dixon
Country of originU.S.
LocationChicago, Illinois

Yambo Records was a blues record label based in Chicago, Illinois. It was founded by arranger and composer Willie Dixon in the late 1960s after he left Chess Records. Yambo Records also had two subsidiary labels, Spoonful and Supreme. The label was based at 7711 South Racine Avenue in Chicago, along with Dixon's related companies Blues Factory and Soul Productions. It was distributed by Summit Distributors in Skokie, Illinois.[1] Dixon recorded and released his 1971 album Peace? on Yambo. He also released several singles, including the hit "1, 2, 3, 4" by five-year-old Lucky Peterson.[2] The label closed in the mid-1970s.



Year Artist Title Number Notes
196? E. Rodney Jones Might is Right! 77701 side 1
196? Lafayette Leake Trio Soul Wrinkles 77701 side 2
1971 Willie Dixon Willie Dixon's Peace? 77715 also numbered 77716


Year Artist Titles Number Notes
1970 Koko Taylor "Instant Everything" / "A Mighty Love" 107/108
19?? Margie Evans "When I Make Love" / "29 Ways" 109/1010 with the Chicago Blues All Stars
19?? J.J.Taylor "I'm Not Tired Yet" / "Tell Me the Truth" 1011A/B
19?? Honey Duo Twins "Come On Baby" / "Kiss Me" 8915 with the Chicago Blues All Stars
1970 Lucky Peterson "1, 2, 3, 4" / "Good Old Candy" 777-03/04
1970 James Peterson "All On Account of You" / "Sing the Blues Till I Die" 777-05
19?? Modern Times "Baby Just Maby"(sic) / "Why Must I Live Such a Lonely Life" 777-12/13
19?? Willie Dixon "Petting the Baby" / "You Got to Move" 777-15 with the Chicago Blues All Stars
1974 McKinley Mitchell "That Last Home Run" / "All Star Bougee" 777-20/21, 1011
19?? The Satagans "Smokin" / "Lovers to Friends" 777-110
19?? Quantrells "Show Me the Game of Love" / "Can't Let You Break My Heart" T-15 compiled on The Numero Group 016, 2007
19?? Buster Benton "Spider in my Stew" / "Dangerous Woman" Supreme 1004 with the Chicago Blues All Stars
19?? McKinley Mitchell "Good Time Baby" / "All Star Bougee" Spoonful 777-26 with the Chicago Blues All Stars


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