Yang Lina

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Yang Lina
Chinese name 楊莉娜 (traditional)
Chinese name 杨莉娜 (simplified)
Pinyin Yáng Lìnà (Mandarin)
Born Singapore
Died 20 March 2010
Other name(s) Lina Yang
Occupation Actress
Years active 1984-early 2000s
Children 2 children

Yang Lina (Chinese: 杨莉娜, born 1962 or 1963—died March 20, 2010), also known as Lina Yang, was a Singaporean actress whose credits included dramas such as Samsui Women and An Ode To Life.[1] She was often cast as conniving, plotting characters.[1]

Yang became an actress in 1984 after previously working as a bank employee.[1] She had attended an acting class with her sister, actress Yang Libing, and then joined the Singapore Broadcasting Corporation, which is now part of MediaCorp.[1] Her most well known roles included the 1986 film, Neighbours, and Samsui Women.[1]

She married her husband, a make-up artist, in 1992.[1] She took two professional breaks from acting to give birth to her two daughters.[1]

Yang opened a hair salon with her sister in 2004.[2] She was diagnosed with uterine cancer during the late 2000s, but continued to act sporadically.[1] Her last role was in the second season of Perfect Cut, in which she portrayed a wealthy, lonely woman who was dying from AIDS.[1] She died of cancer in the home of her younger sister, Yang Libing, on March 20, 2010. Her age was unknown. She is survived by her husband, two daughters and sister.[1]


Incomplete list

  • 1984
    • Youth 年轻人
  • 1985
    • Men From The Past 大侠吴三奇 as Liu Zhen Ni 刘珍妮
    • Takeover 人在旅途
    • Home is Where Love Is 吾爱吾家
  • 1986
    • The Samsui Women 红头巾 as A-Jiao 阿娇
    • Neighbours 芝麻绿豆
  • 1987
    • Painted Faces 戏班 as Ming Ru Hua 明如花
    • Strange Encounters 奇缘 之《塞外胡笳》as Jiao Er 姣儿
  • 1988
    • The Last Applause 舞榭歌台 as Li Ping 李萍
    • Ups and Downs 婚姻保险 as Wen Xue Feng 温雪凤
  • 1989
    • Turn of the Tide 浮沉 as Chen Yu Jiao 陈玉娇
  • 1991
    • Guardian Angel 爸爸怕怕
  • 1993
    • Endless Love 未了缘 as Mistress Xie 谢姨太
    • Ride the Waves 卿本佳人
    • Web of Deceit 鹤啸九天
  • 1994
    • Bond of Love 情网 as Chen Mei Na 陈美娜
    • Lethal Duo 天使追辑令 as Song Wan Yin 宋婉茵
    • Fiery Lover 烈火情人 as Nancy
    • Legendary White Snake 白蛇后传
    • Dr Justice 法医故事 之《焚火新娘》 as A-Jiao 阿娇
    • Truly Yours 聪明糊涂心 as Shen A Jiao 沈阿娇
    • Silk and Romance 情丝万缕 as Qiu Ping 秋萍
  • 1995
    • Heartbeat 医胆仁心 as Ma Hai Lun 马海伦
    • Dream Hunters 追心一族 as Lu Mei Hua 陆梅花
    • Heavenly Ghost Catcher 天师钟馗 之《杨贵妃》、《六月雪》as Lei Hai Qing & Wan Er 雷海青、婉儿
    • The Morning Express 阳光列车
    • The Teochew Family 潮州家族
    • Dr Justice II 法医故事II 之《双尸花月夜》 as Hong Dai Si 洪黛丝
  • 1996
    • Beyond Dawn 女子监狱 as Guan Bi Lian 关碧莲
    • Triad Justice 飞越珍珠坊
    • A Different Live 妈姐情缘
  • 2004
    • An Ode to Life 三十风雨路
  • 2009
    • Perfect Cut 2 一切完美2 as Stella


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