Yang Yuting (warlord)

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Yang Yuting
Yang Yuting.jpg
Yang Yuting in 1924
Born 1886
Faku County, Liaoning, China
Died January 1929
Shenyang, China
Nationality Chinese
Occupation General, Warlord, Governor of Jiangsu

Yang Yuting (simplified Chinese: 杨宇霆; traditional Chinese: 楊宇霆; pinyin: Yáng Yǔtíng; Wade–Giles: Yang Yü-t'ing; 1886 – January 1929), was a Fengtien clique warlord and Military Governor of Jiangsu during the early period of the Republic of China from August to November 1925. He was executed by Zhang Xueliang during a political power struggle.


Yang was a native of Shengyang and was sent to Japan in 1904 to study at the Tokyo Shimbu Gakko, a military preparatory school, by the Qing government. He continued training at the Imperial Japanese Army Academy, with a specialty in artillery. He returned to China after the Xinhai Revolution of 1911 and served in various military posts in the Beiyang government, and was chief of staff for Zhang Zuolin during the 1924 First Zhili–Fengtian War and in the 1925 Second Zhili–Fengtian War. He was governor of Jiangsu Province from August–November 1925. During the revolt of Guo Songling against Zhang Zuolin, he was forced to withdraw to Dalian and seek assistance from the Japanese Kwantung Army.

In 1928, after Zhang Zuolin was assassinated in the Huanggutun Incident, Yang came increasing into conflict with Zang Zoulin’s son Zhang Xueliang. He was especially opposed to the Northeast Flag Replacement unifying Manchuria with the Kuomintang government of the Republic of China. He was invited by Zhang to come to his home to play cards; when he arrived he was seized and then executed by a firing squad on January 10.