Kuo Shu-yao

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Kuo Shu-yao
YaoYao@Taipei New Year's Eve Party 2011.JPG
Kuo at Taipei New Year's Eve Party 2011
Background information
Chinese name郭書瑤
PinyinGuō Shūyáo (Mandarin)
Born (1990-07-18) 18 July 1990 (age 28)
Taipei, Taiwan
Other namesKuo Shu-yau
Guo Shu-yao
Yao Yao (瑶瑶)
OccupationActress, singer, television host
Years active2007–present
Label(s)Seed Music (2007–2014)
Partner(s)Ding Dang

Kuo Shu-yao (Chinese: 郭書瑤, born 18 July 1990), nicknamed Yao Yao, is a Taiwanese actress, singer and television host. In 2013 she won the Golden Horse Award for Best New Performer for her role in Step Back to Glory.

Life and career[edit]

In May 2007, Kuo's father died and she began working part-time at a restaurant to support her family. Two years later, in 2009, she entered show business as a model.[citation needed] After signing with Seed Music in 2007, she debuted as a singer and released a mini album titled Love Hug on August 22, 2007.[1][2]

In 2017, she played the titular character in the supernatural coming-of-age drama The Teenage Psychic. The 6-episode series is an adaptation of the short film The Busy Young Psychic by writer-director Chen Ho-yu. The Teenage Psychic is also HBO Asia's first Mandarin-language original series.[3][4][5]


Year English title Mandarin title Role Network Notes
2010 Ni Yada 倪亞達 Ni Chien-kuo TTV
SET Metro
2010 I, My Brother 我和我的兄弟·恩 Social worker Astro Jia Yu
2011 Story 33 33故事館-Yo天使 Meng Yao STV
2011 Office Girls 小資女孩向前衝 Liu Yu-le (Le Le) TTV
SET Metro
2012 Ti Amo Chocolate 愛上巧克力 Hung Hsi-hui SET Metro
2012 King Flower 金大花的華麗冒險 A-hsi SET Metro alternative title: Princess Stand In
2014 Aim High 22K夢想高飛 Yen Mao-tang SET Metro
2014 Mr. Right Wanted 徵婚啟事 Tien Hsin TTV
2015 Heart Of Steel 鋼鐵之心 Hsiao Hsiao CTV
2015 Ghost Stories 4 聊齋新編之夜叉國 Qiu Rong Zhejiang Television alternative title: Liao Zhai 4
2016 Golden Darling 原來1家人 Yen Ju-yu CTV
Star Chinese Channel
2016 In Love - Love Me, Don't Go 滾石愛情故事-愛我別走 Chien Ko-hsuan PTS
2016 The Devil Game 劣人傳之詭計 Wang Hsiao-ying / Chiu Jo-han Line TV Web series
2016 Cosmetic Raiders 整容攻略 Fei Meng QQ Web series
2017 The Teenage Psychic 通靈少女 Xie Yazhen (Xiao Zhen) PTS
HBO Asia
2017 Attention, Love! 稍息立正我愛你 An Hsiao-chiao EBC
2018 The Wolf 狼殿下


Year English title Mandarin title Role Notes
2012 When a Wolf Falls in Love with a Sheep 南方小羊牧場 Tsui Pao-pao
2013 Step Back to Glory 志氣 Li Chun-ying
2013 Campus Confidential 愛情無全順 Chen Mei-hsueh
2013 Justin and the Knights of Valour N/A Talia Taiwanese version, voice
2014 The Frogville 桃蛙源記 Little Heymon Voice
2014 Live at Love 活路:妒忌私家偵探社 Shi-na alternative title: Live@Love
2014 Happiness Amulet 幸福御守 Hsiao Hsing Short film
2014 Meet Miss Anxiety 我的早更女友 Lao Bai
2015 Battle Up! 舞鬥 Wang Lei-lei
2015 Brave Heart 勇敢的心 Cheng Yun Short film
2017 The Mad King of Taipei 西城童話 Hsiao Hu
2017 All Because of Love 痴情男子漢 Hsu Kan-tien Cameo appearance

Variety show[edit]

Year English title Mandarin title Network Notes
2008-2009 Game King 數位遊戲王 CTV Host
2009 Why 但是又何奈 GTV Variety Show Host
2009 Gold Taxi 黃金計程車 EBC Guest host
2010 Guess 我猜我猜我猜猜猜 CTV Guest host
2011 V News N/A Channel V Taiwan Host
2014 Star Chef 星廚駕到 Jiangsu Television Season 1, contestant

Music video[edit]

Year Artist Song title
2010 F.Cuz "Jiggy"
2010 Kenji Wu "Love Me Hate Me"
2014 William Wei "Mask"
2017 Nana Lee "Bù céng huí lái guò"


Studio albums[edit]

Title Album details Track listing
Track listing
  1. Honey
  2. 愛像圓舞曲
  3. 幸福不遠
  4. 最佳男朋友
  5. Di Di Da
  6. 好姊妹
  7. 愛的元氣
  8. 自己回家
  9. 口袋裡的花
  10. Bird

Live albums[edit]

Title Album details Track listing
Track listing
  1. 不是每個戀曲都有美好回憶 (Live)
  2. 愛你 (Live)
  3. Don't Stop (Live)
  4. 我是女生 (Live)
  5. 熱帶雨林 (Live)
  6. 你的甜蜜 (Live)
  7. 戀愛應援團 (Live)
  8. 我只在乎你 (Live)
  9. 來不及說再見 (Live)
  10. 年輕不要留白 (Live)
  11. 勇氣 (Live)
  12. 幸福不遠 (Live)
  13. 流星雨 (Live)
  14. 愛就是咖哩 (Live)
  15. 不要不要 (Live)
  16. 不敗的戀人 (Live)
  17. Honey (Live)
  18. 愛的告白 (Live)
  19. 放棄你 (Live)
  20. 自己回家 (Live)
  21. 離開你那天 (Live)
  22. 愛的抱抱 (Live)

Extended plays[edit]

Title Album details Track listing
Love Hug
Track listing
  1. 愛的抱抱
  2. 放棄你
  3. 來不及說再見
  4. 愛的抱抱 (Tye's SupaLover Remix)
Warm Hands
Track listing
  1. 暖暖手
  2. 離開你那天


Year Title Album
2010 "Jiggy" (with F.Cuz) No One (Taiwan edition)
2012 "Confession of Love 愛的告白" Confession of Love (single)
2015 "The Tag Along 紅衣小女孩" Non-album single

Published works[edit]

  • Kuo, Shu-yao (2016). Love, Infinity ∞. Taipei: Indigo Films International. ISBN 9789869355117.

Awards and nominations[edit]

Year Award Category Nominated work Result
2009 2009 TVB8 Mandarin Music On Demand Awards Best Newcomer (bronze) N/A Won
2013 50th Golden Horse Awards Best New Performer Step Back to Glory Won
2014 2014 Sanlih Drama Awards Best Actress Aim High Won
Best Screen Couple (with Lego Li) Nominated
Chinese Wave Award Nominated
Weibo Popularity Award Nominated
14th Chinese Film Media Awards Best New Performer Step Back to Glory Won
2017 52nd Golden Bell Awards Best Leading Actress in a Miniseries or Television Film The Teenage Psychic Nominated


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