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Photo officielle du groupe YEALLOW
Origin Strasbourg / France
Genres indie rock
Years active 2010–present
Labels Try & Dye Records
Members Peter Maubeuge

Yeallow is a French indie rock band from Strasbourg, Alsace, formed in 2008. For Yeallow, rock can not be improvised. One can feel its licked riffs, its chords and graphed effects. And if that artistic quality is expressed in hard album, it makes total sense on stage where the band gives way to real shows that carry the audience into the world of “musicality, precision mechanics, and hard edged indie rock sounds” – Neil Mach / 07.12.

The band consists of Fred (vocals, guitars, keyboards), Ted (guitars, backing vocals), Bill (Bass, keyboards) and Ced (drums, percussion).


The idea for the project was born in Strasbourg. A debut home mixed EP – One – digitally released in 2009 quickly found its audience cosmopolitan and trans-generational. On top of this, they managed to get some international sales is even some promising reviews. In 2009, a viral film for SFR uses the title “Temptation” as the soundtrack for the launch of its new product.

In 2010, the group, composed of five musicians with Pascal (vocals, guitar, keyboard) goes back to the studio for his second album. By mixing in analogy at the studio Grenat in Strasbourg and the mastering being taken care of by Jay Franco from Sterling Sound New York (Art Brut, Coldplay,…), Yeallow demonstrates again their ambition to be at the heart of an international scene alternative rock, energetic and neat. “2891 seconds” as the duration of the album, offers the fusion of the world of the five members. It is an elegant mix of analogue and electronic sounds that may suggest roots in the side of Bowie, Lou Reed or Radiohead.

In early 2010, everything accelerates. FNAC partnership initiated by the head of FNAC Strasbourg, allows the group to present their album on a Showcase in all of the Fnac in the country and a physical distribution deal was quickly signed with a national player. Sent to many media, the album gets rave reviews from thirty print and web and radio broadcasts in France, Belgium, England, Russia, USA and Japan.

After many concerts in Alsace and especially at the Festival of Artefacts 2010 in front of a large audience, Yeallow played at the Bus Palladium in July 2010. A few venues later and in parallel with a new album in the making, it is at the end of 2010 that Yeallow is approached by a tour and events organizer in California based in Los Angeles. It offers them a dozen dates in the venues and clubs of the city as the Cat Club, the Mess bar, the Whisky a Go Go in Los Angeles and in San Francisco at the Kimos. In all, seven dates in California from March 25 to April 8, 2011.

From acoustic concerts (Goom Radio – Live SFR- to more muscular shows, Yeallow takes another dimension in Live. To manage the development of the group and to take the next steps, professional support was needed. Since early 2011, Yeallow entrusted its management to his English manager Amina Martin – Rubis Management LTD – and his booking to David Killhoffer booking agent – Music For Ever (Scorpions, Popa Chubby, Pat MacManus, …). In July 2011, Pascal left the band.

The four remaining members continue to expand on the international indie rock scene.


  • Peter Maubeuge: Vocals, guitars, Keyboard
  • Ted: Guitars, backing vocals
  • Bill: Bass, keyboards
  • Ced: Drums, Percussion


  • One - 2009 (Try&Dye Records/tunecore)
  • 2891 seconds - CD - 2010 (Try&Dye Records /ILD / Believe)
  • The Bright Side - Single - 2010 (Try&Dye Records)
  • The Void / Blown Away - Single - 2012 (Try&Dye Records)
  • Clocks - single - 2014 (Try&Dye Records)
  • Homebred - CD - 2015 (Try&Dye Records / Believe)

Label: Try & Dye Records
Mastering: Sterling Sound / Jay Franco (Art brut, Coldplay, The beastie Boys, ...

Selection of other venues played[edit]


  • The Clapham Grand
  • The Camden Rock
  • The Halfmoon
  • O2 Academy Islington
  • The Dublin Castle (04.13.14)


  • O2 Academy Oxford (04.15.14)


  • The Cavern Club (2011 & 2012)

Los Angeles

  • The Whiskey a Go Go
  • The Cat Club
  • The Airliner
  • The Mezz Bar
  • O’Brien's

San Francisco

  • The Kimo's


  • Sun Beatz Club
  • The Beach Bar


  • GOOM RADIO / Showcase


  • La Laiterie / Festival des Artefacts (2010 & 2012)
  • Museum of Modern Art
  • La Salamandre
  • Hall Des Chars
  • Le Star
  • L’aubette Galerie Concept
  • NRJ Stage / Fête de la Musique
  • FNAC / Showcase


  • Le Noumatrouff
  • FNAC / Showcase


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