Yellow Wolf (Cheyenne)

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Yellow Wolf or Ho'néoxheóvaestse (died 1864)[1] was a Cheyenne Chief who led the Rope Hair group of the Southern Cheyenne.[2] He lived to be 85 years old, and died in the Sand Creek Massacre at Sand Creek, Colorado, along with his brother.[1][3] The massacre took place when two militia units, the 1st and 3rd Colorado Regiments, attacked the tribe when they were camping.[4] More than 150 died in the attack; women and children and the elderly were not spared.[4]

Yellow Wolf was held up by George Grinnell, in 1915, as a leader who worked for peace.[1] He said that he was a "constant worker" on behalf of peace. He said it was patriotic work, done out of love for the tribe and its future that he worked in this direction.[1]

Yellow Wolf had a son, Red Moon, who lived through the battle and went on to become another prominent chief.[3]


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