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Yellow card may refer to:

  • A yellow penalty card shown in many sports after a rules infraction or, by analogy, a serious warning in other areas
  • "Yellow card", colloquial name for the IBM System/370 Reference Summary booklet in the 1970s (earlier editions were colored green, or white for System/360, while subsequent releases were colored pink for XA and blue for ESA)
  • Yellowcard, an American alternative rock band
  • Yellow Card Scheme, a United Kingdom initiative concerning reactions to medicines
  • Carte Jaune, a vaccination certificate issued by the World Health Organization
  • A card issued to United Kingdom troops in Northern Ireland, listing the rules of engagement
  • A card, used with certain contracted IATSE touring shows, informing downline venues of the number of traveling and local stagehands needed to mount and stage the production.
  • Yellow ticket, a prostitution permit in former Russian Empire