Yemen women's national football team

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Nickname(s) Yemen FA.png
Association Yemen Football Association
Confederation AFC (Asia)
Sub-confederation WAFF (West Asia)
First colours
Second colours

The Yemen women's national football team represents Yemen in international women's association football and is governed by Yemen Football Association (YFA). The team is FIFA recognised but has not played any FIFA recognised match so far.

Background and development[edit]

The national federation was founded in 1962 and became a FIFA affiliate in 1980. The federation had four dedicated staffers for women's football. Representation of women’s football on the board is required as part of a wider mandate connected to women's football.[1] As of 2009, 26% of the federation's budget is dedicated to men's football while only 4% is dedicated to a category for technical development, which includes women's football, refereeing, futsal and sports medicine.[2]

The development of women's football in the Middle East and central Asia dates back only about ten years.[3] In 2005, a women's football programme was set up in the country.[2] In 2006, there were 160 registered female footballers, 110 of which were female players and 50 of which were junior players. This was an increase from 15 in 2005. In 2006, there were 360 football teams in the country, zero of which were open to women.[1] By 2009 there were six senior women's teams and three junior women's teams.[2]


In 1985, almost no country in the world had a women's national football team[4] including Yemen who has not played a FIFA recognised match as of June 2012.[5] As of 1999, the women's national team has not competed at the Women's World Cup or in the Asian Women's Championships.[6] A FIFA recognised senior A team existed in 2006. The team had four training sessions a week. In 2006, the country also had a FIFA recognised under-18 team who also had four training sessions a week. Neither team played a game between 2002 and 2006.[1] The teams were still around in 2009.[2] In March 2012, the team was not ranked in the world by FIFA.[7]


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