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Written by Gökhan Zincir
Directed by Serkan Birinci
Starring Serhan Yavaş
Tuba Ünsal
No. of episodes 91
Running time 60 min.
Original network Fox TV
Original release Turkey
April 12, 2010 - July 6, 2010

Yemin (Turkish: The oath) is a Turkish soap opera produced by Fox TV.

The leading roles are played by Serhan Yavaş and Tuba Ünsal. Supporting cast includes Hakan Büyüktopçu, Zeyno Üstünışık, Barış Yalçın, Ayşe Melike Çerçi, Aslı Orcan, Canan Türker, Yücel Erten, Ece Özdikici and Özden Özgürdal.


Yemin is the love story between Leyla and Menderes everything is happy between them. One day Asuman (the other wife of Menderes) comes to make her husband a surprise in his company in Istanbul and sees him with Leyla, Menderes is obliged to go home later that episode we learn that he married Asuman only because of the promise he made to his brother before his death.

Menderes's brother made Menderes marry Asuman as she was pregnant with Ketal's (Menderes's brother) baby, Menderes accepted only for his brother. He fights all his family for his love and decides to go back to Istanbul to Leyla, on his way to Istanbul he suffers a car accident with everyone thinking he is dead, and with Leyla discovering the truth about his double life and that fact she is pregnant with Menderes's child she has to take a tough decision.

Her step-brother (Cihan) is in love with her and Leyla has to marry him for her baby's sake, but in that house she is aggressed by Cihan. While Menderes is in the hospital and needs another kidney which he gets from Asuman, Menderes's family moved to Istanbul where Asuman met Selim and Yesim (later becomes good after Selim's death) which only wanted her money they were about to get it when Asuman divorced Menderes for Selim. But when Leyla and Menderes were finally happy Leyla discovered she is sick and will die but all of this is just a plan of Bora and his mother (Tulay) to kill Leyla and Selim they succeed in killing Selim. Exactly after the kill of Selim Menderes reached there and was accused for the crime he gets out of the prison with the help of Izzet and Mahir (mafia but they both became good and Mahir fell in love with Gazel (Leyla's sister)).

Cihan takes Leyla away from Menderes and again abuses her. In the end everyone is happy Mahir and Gazel are allowed to marry, Leyla and Menderes are happy, Yesim gave birth to Selim's child, Cihan died while saving Leyla and Asuman is finally happy with what she has got.


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