Yeongwol Eom clan

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Yeongwol Eom clan
Current regionYeongwol County
FounderEom Im ui [ja]
Connected membersUhm Hyun-kyung
Yoo Ah-in
Uhm Ji-won
Uhm Tae-woong
Uhm Jung-hwa
Um Hong-gil
Ohm Ki-young
Um Aing-ran
Uhm Bok-dong

Yeongwol Eom clan (Hangul영월 엄씨; Hanja寧越 嚴氏) is a Korean clan. Their Bon-gwan is in Yeongwol County, Gangwon Province. Their founder was Eom Im ui [ja] who was dispatched to Silla as an envoy with Sin Gyeong [ja], the founder of the Yeongwol Sin clan, ordered by Emperor Xuanzong of Tang, during Gyeongdeok of Silla's reign.[1][2]

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