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Yi Ding (Chinese: 丁艺; pinyin: Dīng Yī); is a Chinese American actress. She was born in Hangzhou, China, 1983 and moved to the United States at the age of 9.


Early Movies[edit]

Yi Ding's first film role was An-Mei in the movie Joy Luck Club, released in 1993. Following her brief performance in Joy Luck Club, she landed a major role in The Amazing Panda Adventure. She was nominated for Best Young Supporting Actress in the 1994—1995 Young Artist Awards for her performance in that movie. She also starred in the movie Smile with Sean Austin and Beau Bridges.[1][2]


In the mid 2000, Yi Ding decided to take a break from the Hollywood scene to focus on her college education at UC Berkeley, where she earned a Bachelor of Science degree at the Haas School of Business and a Bachelor of Arts in Film.

Return to Movies[edit]

She later appeared in the award-winning short film Water Ghost in 1998. In 2001, Yi starred in a major Universal production Pavilion of Women, which also starred Willem Dafoe and John Cho.


Yi appeared in the episode "NICU" of the hit TV series ER in 2004. In 2005, she co-starred in the movie Smile alongside Mika Boorem, Linda Hamilton, Sean Astin, Erik von Detten and Beau Bridges.

Current Occupation[edit]

She currently resides in California (Bay area) and her involvement in entertainment has expanded into production and script writing in addition to her acting career.


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