Yi Jongmu

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This is a Korean name; the family name is Yi.
Yi Jongmu
Hangul 이종무
Hanja 李從茂
Revised Romanization I Jong-Mu
McCune–Reischauer I Chong-Mu

Yi Jong Mu (1360–1425) was a Korean general who led the Oei Invasion to conquer Tsushima Island in 1419.

He was noted for leading a fleet of 227 ships and 17,285 soldiers which landed at the Tsushima Island in Aso Bay on June 19, 1419, after initial successes, reaches the village of Funakoshi. Although some contingent of his force was defeated by Japanese in an ambush at Nii, General Sō Sadamori, the Daimyo of Tsushima, proposed a treaty to the Joseon court in September, 1419.

His conquest not only rescued victims taken by Japanese pirates including 146 Chinese and 8 Koreans, but also put an end to Japanese pirate raids in Korea and China, as well as paving the way for special trade relationships in between Joseon Korea and the Sō clan of Tsushima Island.

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