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Ymir may be:

  • Ymir, father of the race of giants in Norse mythology and the grandfather of Odin, King of the Gods
  • Ymir (moon), a moon of Saturn named after the giant
  • Ymir (Marvel Comics), the equivalent being as represented in the universe of Marvel Comics
  • Ymir, British Columbia, a town in British Columbia's Kootenay district
  • Ymir is a major character in Hajime Isayama's epic manga Attack on Titan
  • Ymir, an unofficial name for Gliese 581 c, an extrasolar planet 20.4 light years away
  • Ymir (electoral district), a now defunct provincial electoral district of British Columbia
  • Ymir, the Venusian creature from the film 20 Million Miles to Earth
  • Ymir is also the re-written name of the first boss from the Game Boy Advance remake of Final Fantasy VI
  • Ýmir is an Icelandic sailing club from Kópavogur. They also operate as the B team for the football division of HK

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