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Yombo is located in Central African Republic
Location in the Central African Republic
Coordinates: 7°12′N 20°1′E / 7.200°N 20.017°E / 7.200; 20.017Coordinates: 7°12′N 20°1′E / 7.200°N 20.017°E / 7.200; 20.017
Country Flag of the Central African Republic.svg Central African Republic
Prefecture Bamingui-Bangoran
Sub-prefecture Bamingui
Time zone UTC + 1

Yombo is a village in the Bamingui-Bangoran prefecture in the northern Central African Republic. The village is home to a co-educational state school which had 467 pupils in 2003, however none of these students were indigenous.[1] The Yombo village health center provides nursing and traditional healing services.[2]


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