Yorckscher Marsch

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Yorkscher Marsch

Yorkscher March was written by Ludwig van Beethoven in 1808 or 1809 as a march Für die Böhmische Landwehr (For the Bohemian Militia). It was the first of three military marches written by Beethoven.


From the name of the Prussian General Yorck, Beethoven's march is also known as Yorckscher Marsch or Marsch des Yorck'schen Korps (Armeemarschsammlung II, 103 (Armeemarschsammlung II, 37) and Heeresmarsch II, 5), was composed in 1808 in F-Major as a "Marsch für die böhmische Landwehr".

Since Prussia and the Prussian army played a paramount role in the German states, the march is often played and is one of the most important German military marches. It is the traditional March of the Wachbataillon, the German Bundeswehr's elite drill unit, it is also played at the first march at the Grand Tattoo (Großer Zapfenstreich) and it was the traditional March of the East German armed forces.

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