Yoshihisa Taira

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Yoshihisa Taira
平 義久,
Born(1937-06-03)June 3, 1937
Tokyo, Japan
DiedMarch 13, 2005(2005-03-13) (aged 67)
Paris, France
Other namesTaïra
EducationTokyo University of the Arts, Conservatoire de Paris, École Normale de Musique

Yoshihisa Taira (or Taïra) (平 義久, Taira Yoshihisa, 3 June 1937 – 13 March 2005) was a Japanese-born French composer.


Yoshihisa Taïra was born in Tokyo in 1937. Initially, he studied at the Tokyo University of the Arts. He arrived in France in 1966 where he then studied at the Conservatoire de Paris. Among his teachers were André Jolivet, Henri Dutilleux and Olivier Messiaen.

He was a composition lecturer at the École Normale de Musique in Paris. Among his best-known students at École Normale were Chien-Hui Hung, Mansoor Hosseini and Malika Kishino.

Taïra died in Paris, in March 2005.


Taira's works are partially published by Éditions Musicales Transatlantiques.


  • Hiérophonie III
  • Stratus for flute, harp and strings ensemble
  • Chromophonie
  • Sonomorphie III
  • Méditations
  • Trans-apparence
  • Erosion I for flute and orchestra
  • Moksa, vimoksa
  • Tourbillon for 6 percussionists and orchestra
  • Polyèdre

Chamber music[edit]

  • Hiérophonie I for 4 cellos
  • Hiérophonie II for 15 instruments
  • Fusion for 2 flutists and 3 percussionists
  • Stratus for harp and flute
  • Dioptase for three strings
  • Radiance for solo piano and 13 instruments
  • Eveil for oboe and harp
  • Interférences I for and cellos
  • Clea for 12 strings
  • Dimorphie for 2 percussions
  • Fu-mon for 4 flutes
  • Ressac for 13 instruments
  • Pénombres I for 2 guitars and 12 strings
  • Pénombres II for double bass and piano
  • Synchronie for 2 flutes or flute and shakuhachi
  • Pénombres III for harp and small ensemble
  • Pénombres V for viola and piano (1996)
  • Pénombres VI for alto saxophone and piano
  • Flautissimo for 32 flutes
  • Aïalos for G flute and harp
  • Synergie for 2 double basses


  • Sonate for violin
  • Sonate for viola
  • Sonomorphie I for piano
  • Sublimation for harp
  • Hiérophonie IV for 4 flutes (one performer)
  • Maya for bass flute in C or alto flute in G
  • Convergence I for marimba
  • Convergence II for double bass
  • Convergence III for violin
  • Cadenza I for flute
  • Monodrame I for percussion
  • Monodrame II for bassoon
  • Monodrame III for guitar
  • Monodrame IV for vibraphone

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