You Deserve to Be Single

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You Deserved to Be Single
Directed by Cai Xin
Produced by Li Pei Sen
Written by Liu Yi
Cai Xin
Starring Ruby Lin
Gao Fei
Mike He
David Wu
Music by A Yan, Lui Qin
Cinematography Di Kun
Edited by Yang Ye, Jiang Yan Ming
Release date
  • June 13, 2010 (2010-06-13)
Running time
100 minutes
Country China
Language Mandarin

You Deserved to Be Single (Chinese: 活该你单身; pinyin: Huógāi Nǐ Dānshēn) or Huogai Ni Danshen is a 2010 Chinese film directed by Chinese female director Cai Xin who co-wrote the screenplay also.

The cast of this film is extremely diverse. It stars Taiwanese actress Ruby Lin, Chinese actress Gao Fei, idol actor Mike He and Taiwanese-American actor David Wu. Special guest casts include China pop group "Shuimu Nianhua" member Luke(Lu Gengxu), Hong Kong actress Angie Chiu and so on. It received mixed reviews with critics focusing on their praise on actor Mike He and Ruby Lin.[1]


The film centres around three contemporary urban couples who are involved in what has been described as a romantic Infernal Affairs-Esquire chess game.[2]

A pair of brother and sister - Li Zheng (played by Mike He) and Li Ying (played by Gao Fei) one happened to be a love detective and the other a love expert, when affluent businessman Xiao Feng turns up, requesting the agency test the waters with his bride-to-be, pretty psychiatrist Fei. Li Ying is immediately overwhelmed, seeing Xiao Feng as a potential catch rather than a customer.


Awards and nominations[edit]

China Movie Channel Media Awards

  • Nominated: Best Actress (Ruby Lin)
  • Nominated : Best Actor (Mike He)
  • Nominated : Best director (Cai Xin)
  • Nominated : Best film of the year[5]

Featured songs[edit]


  • Production Studio : Beijing Golden Harvest Entertainment Co. Ltd, Star Shining TV & Art Co. Ltd
  • Distributed by China Film (In China region)
  • Specially Sponsor by Hyundai Car Group (Korea)


  • "You Deserve To Be Single feels surprisingly human for all its glossy assembly-line vacuity. The four leads all seem genuinely invested in making the film convince; Ruby Lin especially is far better than the material deserves, turning in a quiet, assured performance as Fei that's immediately winning. Even Mike He (who struggles to impress under a makeover so glossy it looks as if he's been airbrushed) still manages to internalise a weary, rueful longing that makes their banter genuinely affecting…"—[6]


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