You Gotta Be a Football Hero

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"You Gotta Be a Football Hero" is a song written by Al Sherman, Buddy Fields and Al Lewis in 1933. It is one of the most widely recorded and performed American football anthems of all time.[1][2]

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The 1935 Popeye cartoon[edit]

In 1935, "You Gotta Be a Football Hero" was the subject of a Popeye the Sailor cartoon. The film was produced by the Fleischer Studios and distributed by Adolph Zukor. Popeye, Olive Oyl, Bluto and J. Wellington Wimpy were each featured in the cartoon. The short film was directed by Dave Fleischer and produced by Max Fleischer.

  • Plotline Summary: Popeye and Bluto play professional football.

The animators credited (and uncredited) include: Willard Bowsky, Nick Tafuri, George Germantetti, Harold Walker, Bill Sturm and Orestes Calpini. The film was originally produced in black and white but was colorized in the late 1980s. It was released produced in the United States of America.

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