You Gotta Quintet

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Genre Music
Educational program
Directed by Kei Shimoyama
Starring Akira Miyagawa
Haruhiko Saitō
Tesshō Genda
Ayumi Shigemori
Ken'ya Ōsumi
Country of origin Japan
Producer(s) Kei Shimoyama
Running time Weekday 17:50 - 18:00
Saturday 8:25 - 8:35
Original network NHK Educational
Audio format Stereo
Original release 2003 April 7 – 2013 March 30
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Quintet is a TV program which was aired by NHK Educational in Japan.

About the show[edit]

The program offers witty interpretations of classical music for children. Programs feature puppets and a variety of music and cultural entertainment. This program introduces nonsense and music into daily life for the pleasure of children, and features a musical group called "The Evening Quintet". The music featured includes folk songs and classical music, with a variety of instruments such as piano, violin, and clarinet.



  • 1st part: A formal theme songs is played.
  • 2nd part: A puppet show is presented.
  • 3rd part: Animation or other material.
  • 4th part: A musical concert.
  • 5th part: One of several ending themes, depending on the season.

Quintet Petit[edit]

Quintet Petit was broadcast from April 3, 2006 to March 30, 2007 and March 31, 2008 to March 27, 2009. It used the third and fourth parts from the main show.


Partial list of original songs[edit]

The original songs are written by Kei Shimoyama and Akira Miyagawa. Here are some of them.

  • "The midnight Zoo"
  • "It's Good to Cry"
  • "Lie"
  • "I Hate Practicing"
  • "My habits"
  • "Someday When I Become the Star"
  • "I Got Hungry"
  • "I Am Thinking Now"
  • "The Song About the Yawns"
  • "The Secret Chocolate"
  • "Devil's advocate"
  • "Baby"
  • "Tomorrow"
  • "The cello player in front of the square"
  • "Golden-ringed dragonfly"
  • "I ate too much"
  • "The happiness Xmas"
  • "Oh, it smells good"
  • "Look at the sky"
  • "Talking with flowers"

Theme song[edit]

"The 'You gotta Quintet' Theme" is used to open and close the show. The text of theme song changes with the seasons; the spring version is aired from March to May, the summer version is aired from June to August, the autumn version is aired from September to November, and the winter version is used from December to February. The text of the opening theme was changed in 2007.

Singing corner[edit]

In this featurette the Quintet song team presents original songs, works derived from classical material, and folk songs. Here are some of them.

Repeat and Rebroadcast[edit]


  • Puppet show and animation from the fourth to the second part does not mean it is not a new one every time. Get a new one, but sometimes, most times are just trying to shuffle a play for broadcasting up to that point I did a full re-broadcast. This system is called repeat.
  • Only posts from the viewer does not repeat this.


Two weeks in a row two weeks of reruns the previous week.
Quintet Petit
First week of each month, two weeks after this broadcast, a rerun of the first week of the third week, reruns will be broadcast two weeks to four weeks.

CDs and DVDs[edit]


  • You Gotta Quintet: Songs (2004)
  • You Gotta Quintet: Classics (2004)
  • You Gotta Quintet: Concert (2005)
  • You Gotta Quintet: à la Carte (2005)
  • You Gotta Quintet: Are Kore (2006)
  • I Am Thinking Now (2007)
  • You Gotta Quintet: Midnight Zoo (2008)
  • You Gotta Quintet: The Dream Continues (2010)
  • You Gotta Quintet Best selection 66 songs (2010)
  • You Gotta Quintet Essence (2011)


  • Music (2006)
  • An original (2006)
  • A Harvest Festival (2007)
  • It Is This What! (2007)
  • A Concert Almost Empty (2008)
  • Ten Komori (2009)
  • The Only Anime (2009)
  • The Whole Years (2010)
  • Goooooal (2011)


On December 1, 2005, the program won an Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union Award in the children/young people program section with the notation "that was able to stream down splendor, the pleasure that this program used the doll, and the music had" at the 42nd annual general meeting in Hanoi, Vietnam.[1]

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