Young & Full of the Devil

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Young & Full of the Devil
Young & Full of the Devil.jpg
Studio album by Magic Dirt
Released 1998
Genre Alternative rock

Young & Full Of The Devil is a 1998 album by Magic Dirt.

Reviewed in Rolling Stone Australia at the time of release, it was said that the album was devoid of the band's previous dalliances with pop music. All the songs were, "very long and either loud, quiet, or alternating both." The album was described as unsatisfying, and it was noted, "Massive guitar onslaughts get boring, and frankly there's not much else going on in the way of either psychology or playfulness."[1]

Track listing[edit]

  1. Babycakes
  2. She-Riff
  3. Rabbit With Fangs
  4. Shrinko
  5. What Have I Done
  6. These Drugs Are Really Starting To Fuck Me Over
  7. Short Black
  8. X-Ray
  9. Ascot Red
  10. Babycakes You Always Freeze Me Up


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