Your Dream Home

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Your Dream Home: how to build it for less than $3,500
AuthorHubbard Cobb
CountryUnited States
Published1950 (Wm. H. Wise & Co.)

Your Dream Home: How to Build It for Less Than $3,500 is a 1950 "do it yourself" book by American columnist and editor Hubbard Cobb. It was the biggest non-fiction seller of the year of its release, selling over a million copies.[1][2][3] Specifically, the book featured instructions for building a Cape Cod style home, with eight floor plans included.[4][5] The book is illustrated and covers all aspects of construction relevant to 1950, from financing the project and clearing the land to constructing built-in furniture for the finished product. It was the debut book for Cobb, who would go on to produce a number of others in the "do it yourself" genre.


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