Yusef Majidzadeh

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Yousef Majidzadeh
Born Tabriz
Nationality Iranian
Occupation Archaeologist

Dr. Yousef Majidzadeh (Persian: یوسف مجیدزاده‎‎, born 1938Tabriz) is an Iranian archaeologist and director of the excavations at Ozbaki, Qabristan and Jiroft.

In 2007, Majidzadeh presented a seminar in Kerman entitled “Jiroft, the Cradle of Oriental Civilization”. During the lecture, he said: "The history of civilization in Jiroft dates back to 2700 BCE and the third millennium civilization is the missing link of the chain of civilization which archaeologists have long sought."[1] He also stated "We do not deny the Mesopotamian civilization, but we believe that the Jiroft culture is of equal importance to the Mesopotamian. The only difference is that the Mesopotamian civilization had cultural continuity while the Jiroft civilization suffered from ups and downs for natural reasons. Thus it emerged in a certain period and was buried at a later time."[1]

He retired from University of Tehran after Iranian Revolution and now lives in France.

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