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Youth Studies Australia (ISSN 1038-2569) is a peer-reviewed academic journal published by the Australian Clearinghouse for Youth Studies – also known as ACYS – based at the University of Tasmania. The journal is published quarterly, in hard copy and online in full text for subscribers. The full text of YSA is also available via InformIT, EBSCO Publishing, and local libraries in the USA and Australia.

Its content includes peer-reviewed feature articles that are research- and/or practice-based, abstracts compiled from current national and international scholarly journals, ‘Practice notes’ – a column devoted to articles of particular relevance to practitioners working directly with young people, ‘Peak news’ – updates on the activities of Australia’s state and national youth peak organisations, ‘Youth matters’ – items chosen from our news services for their relevance to research contained in the journal, book reviews and updates on Australian Government initiatives in the youth field.

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