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Sammy Yu Kwok Sum (Chinese: 余國森; Jyutping: jyu4 gwok3 sam1; born 1954 in Hong Kong) is a retired professional footballer for Bulova SA, South China and Hong Kong national football team. He was a member of the Hong Kong team for the 19 May incident.[1]


Yu Kwok Sum played as left back. His emergence at Yuen Long SA allowed teammate Chan Fat Chi to move to his favourite defensive midfield position.[2] When Bulova SA was formed in the early eighties, both Yu and Chan moved to the new club. He won two doubles of Hong Kong FA Cup and Hong Kong Viceroy Cup with Bulova in the 1981-82 and 1982-83 seasons.

At the end of the 1984 season, Bulova decided to pull out. Yu and Chan Fat Chi met the owners of Seiko SA and South China AA at a restaurant on Prince Edward Road to discuss their future, Chan decided to join Wu Kwok Hung at Seiko while Yu joined South China.[2]

Sammy Yu has played for Sing Tao SC, Yuen Long FC, Eastern AA, Bulova SA, South China AA, Lai Sun and Kuitan.[1]

Post playing career[edit]

Sammy Yu now operates a marble business. He had expected to retire after playing for Lai Sun, but when his company bidded for Kuitan's marble contract, Kuitan's owner asked him to play and teach football at his club in return for granting him their business. He agreed, then played and taught at Kuitan for two years. He has since started his own marble business and mainly work with Sun Hung Kai Properties.[3]

Personal life[edit]

Yu earned HK$20,000 plus per month at Bulova FC, later his salary rose to HK$35,000. He used his salary to buy a flat at City One in Shatin. He paid if off in just a few years. He currently resides in Cheung Sha Wan.[1] Sammy Yu married at the age of 24. They have two sons; the eldest son is a teacher and the younger son is studying for an associate's degree.[4]


With: Bulova SA


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