Yuba-Sutter Transit

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Yuba-Sutter Transit
Yuba-Sutter Transit logo.png
Founded 1975[1]
Headquarters 2100 B Street
Locale Marysville, California
Service area Yuba–Sutter area
Service type Bus service
Routes 8
Fuel type Diesel
Website yubasuttertransit.com

The Yuba-Sutter Transit Authority, operating as Yuba-Sutter Transit, is the public transportation agency serving the Yuba–Sutter area in Northern California.


Yuba-Sutter Transit runs six local bus routes in Marysville, Yuba City and surrounding communities that run from Monday to Saturday.[2][3] There are also two express commuter lines to Sacramento available on weekdays,[4] in addition to three rural routes to Live Oak, the Yuba County Foothills, and Wheatland.[5] Dial-a-Ride service is made available to seniors and those with disabilities as both a paratransit and door-to-door service.[6]

Route list[edit]

  • 1 Yuba City to Yuba College
  • 2 Yuba City Loop
  • 3 Oliverhurst to Yuba College
  • 4 Marysville Loop
  • 5 North Yuba to South Yuba
  • 6 Linda Shuttle
  • Hwy 99 Sacramento Commuter
  • Hwy 70 Sacramento Commuter


The basic one-way fare is $1 on local fixed routes,[3] $2 on rural routes,[5] and $4 on commuter and midday express services.[4] Dial-a-Ride service has a base fare of $4 during the day and $3 after 6:00 pm.[6] Up to two children 4 or under may travel free with a paying adult on any route. In addition, on all routes except the commute-hour Sacramento service, a 50% fare discount is provided to seniors 62 or older, youths between 5 and 12, and disabled riders with approved ID. Transfers are free for local routes and Dial-a-Ride service.[2]

Discount ticket books with a $12 value are available for $10 per book, and are good on local and rural routes, Dial-a-Ride, and midday routes to Sacramento. Monthly passes valid on local fixed routes are available for $30 to the general public and $6 to youths, seniors, and the disabled.[2][7] Youth monthly passes are also valid on rural routes. For commuter services, Yuba-Sutter Transit offers a 20-ride punch pass for $80, a monthly commuter pass for $128, and a combined Yuba-Sutter Transit/Sacramento RT monthly pass for $178.[4]

Current fleet[edit]

There are 51 buses in the Yuba-Sutter Transit fleet currently in revenue service:[8]

Fleet Numbers (Qty.) Manufacturer Model Year Capacity (seated/wheelchair) Fuel Propulsion Notes
1670–1679 (10) Starcraft Allstar 4500 2010 16/2 Diesel
1681–1686 (6) Glaval Titan II 4500 2014 16/2 Diesel
2721–2725, 2727 (6) NABI/Optima Opus 29SD 2008 27/2 Diesel
3161–3165 (5) NABI/Optima Opus 3400 2008 31/2 Diesel
3230–3240 (11) Gillig 35DD 2013–14 32/2 Diesel
4151–4157 (7) Blue Bird Xcel102 2006 41/2 Diesel
5701–5706 (6) MCI D4500 2010, 2012 57/2 Diesel


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