Yūkichi Takeda

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Yūkichi Takeda
Born 武田祐吉
(1886-05-05)May 5, 1886
Died March 29, 1958(1958-03-29) (aged 71)
Nationality Japanese
Occupation Japanese literary scholar, School teacher
Known for Study of Kojiki and Man'yōshū
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Yūkichi Takeda (武田 祐吉, Takeda Yūkichi, 5 May 1886 – 29 March 1958) was a scholar of Japanese literature.


He was born in the Nihonbashi Ward of Tokyo City (modern-day Chūō Ward, Tokyo).

He became a lecturer as Kokugakuin University in 1926. He is known for his research on the Kojiki and the Man'yōshū, and in 1950[1] was awarded the Japan Academy Prize for his work on the Man'yōshū.

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