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The Yukon Electrical Company Limited (YECL) is an investor-owned private electrical utility based in Whitehorse, Yukon, serving most Yukon communities and Lower Post, British Columbia.

The company, founded in 1901, is owned by ATCO of Alberta. Through mergers and acquisitions, Yukon Electrical extended to serve most communities in Yukon. Though it owns one hydro-electric and a number of diesel generating facilities of its own, it purchases most of its power wholesale from the Yukon Energy Corporation and distributes it to consumers. From 1987 to 1997, it operated the services of Yukon Energy under contract, but in 1997, the Yukon government chose not to renew the arrangement; Yukon Energy established its own offices for management and customer service, while YECL continued to operate its own facilities.

The activities of YECL in Yukon communities are as follows:

Distribution only

Distribution and back-up generation

Diesel generation and distribution

The only Yukon communities not served by YECL are Dawson City, Faro, Mayo and Champagne.

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