Yvonne Gleeson

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Yvonne Gleeson
Yvonne Doyle (Nee Gleeson).jpg
Ciara O'Callaghan as Yvonne Doyle-Gleeson
Fair City character
Portrayed by Ciara O'Callaghan
First appearance 1991
Last appearance 2015
Occupation Restaurant Manager & Owner
Residence Carrigstown

Yvonne Doyle, (previously Gleeson) is a fictional character in the Irish soap opera Fair City. She was originally portrayed by Alex MacDowall (sister of Sarah MacDowall who plays Suzanne Doyle) and subsequently by Ciara O'Callaghan.[1][2]

About Yvonne[edit]

Yvonne arrived in Carrigstown in 1991. She is Mike's widow and was the show's former female antagonist. After spending a few years in London to live with her sister Helen, Yvonne arrived in Carrigstown and began a relationship with Mike Gleeson. She was always very domineering, ordering Mike around in an effort to move up in the world. This has seemingly caused her personality to rub off on her husband, as he now is very snobby. Making money was Yvonne's favourite hobby, but she eventually found herself alone with no one to talk to. This resulted in Yvnone attempting to commit suicide at Christmas. Mike found the drugged Yvonne and took her to hospital. Yvonne vowed to be a good person from then on, but she soon went back to her old ways. Acquiring a partnership in both the Bistro and Rainbows Café, Yvonne became powermad, wanting everything to be done her way. With Mike turning into a boring husband, Yvonne began an affair with Richard. This resulted in Yvonne becoming pregnant with Richard's child. While in a car with a drunken Richard, Yvonne watched in horror as he knocked down a child. The two of them ran away, but the child's mother recognized her. Yvonne and Richard subsequently fled the country, with Yvonne returning to Australia. She then lived there with her baby son.

On 2 September 2008, Yvonne returned to Ireland for Mike's funeral from Australia entering wearing a hat and started an argument with Geraldine at Mike's graveside. She irritated Mike's former girlfriend Geraldine Fahey and told Bela and Suzanne that she was back to hear Mike's will. Eventually Yvonne got her share of the business as she bought it off Mike's brother who had been given shares in the will. Yvonne then became ruthless towards her family as she was caring for her mun Rita who had a stroke and Yvonne left the Doyle household and Rita collapsed after her being so uncaring by leaving her home on her own. Bela then threw Yvonne out after she said Rita was better off being dead or being left in a home.

In early 2010, it was revealed that Yvonne was bisexual. Her girlfriend (Connie) from Australia arrived in early 2010. Yvonne and Connie were to be married in Northern Ireland in summer 2010. When Yvonne gave birth to her child Ruth, which Paul had fathered, Connie left for Australia as Yvonne was going to put the baby up for adoption. In May 2010, Yvonne left Carrigstown and left Ruth with Niamh, Paul's wife. She had slept with Paul behind Connie's back in September 2009.[3] Her son Stephen, fathered by her former partner Richard, is in care as a result of her drug abuse.[4]

In January 2013, Yvonne shocked her family when she spoke at the funeral of her mother Rita, informing the mourners how ashamed her mother would be of her bickering family. In 2013 Yvonne was raped by Martin a man she met on a dating site. She was supported through this difficult time by Carol. Whom she had been feuding with. This changed carol and Yvonne's relationship and the became great friends. She then began dating Dan. [5]

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