Yvonne Hutton

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"Roy of the Rovers", from Tiger, 1972

Yvonne Hutton (née Mullins; born 1941, died December 1991), was a British comics artist best known for her work on football series Roy of the Rovers.

While attending Poole Art College,[1] she got work in comics through Colin Page's studio.[2] She drew the "Roy of the Rovers" strip in Tiger from 1967–75, and again in 1976–78,[3] as well as a number of back-up strips in Roy of the Rovers weekly, including "Durrell's Palace" (1981–85), "Wayne's Wolves" (1985–86) "Kevin's Chance" (1986–87) "City" (1987–88), and "Terrible Twins" (1988–89).[4] She also drew the Roy of the Rovers daily strip in the Daily Star until her death in a car accident in December 1991.[2]