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Złota Tarka (Golden Washboard) is the International Festival of Traditional Jazz "Old Jazz Meeting - Złota Tarka" (Polish: Międzynarodowy Festiwal Jazzu Tradycyjnego "Old Jazz Meeting - Złota Tarka"), the jazz contest during the festival, and the award in Poland. The name comes from the washboard as a musical instrument in traditional music. The festival traces from the award suggested by the Club of Traditional Jazz by the student cultural center "Klub Stodoła" in Warsaw.[1]

The first award was given out during the Jazz on the Oder (pl:Jazz nad Odrą) festival in Wrocław in 1965. The history of the award and the festival consists of two periods, separated by a hiatus: 1967-1987 in Warsaw and 1994-present in Iława.[1]

Currently it is partly financed by the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.[1][2]

2013 was 43rd installment of the festival/contest.[1]


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